Let's work together

I’m always keen to hear from people who are working on interesting things to find out whether there’s a way we can work together to build something great.

Have a project you think we’d work well on together? Let’s talk!

My experience

  • Four years working professionally with Ruby and Rails
  • Building API integrations with providers including eBay, MYOB, Shopify, Stripe, Xero, and more
  • Environment provisioning and application deployment to AWS, Cloud66, and Heroku
  • Automated testing, and CI platforms including Buildkite, CircleCI, and TravisCI
  • Elasticsearch, both with locally-managed clusters and those provided by AWS and Elastic Cloud
  • Integration with CDN providers including CDN77, Cloudflare, and CloudFront, including implementation of both ‘proactive’ and ‘reactive’ cache-busting behaviour
  • Performance optimisation
  • Code style guide development and implementation
  • Technical leadership