Things I've worked on

In my career so far I’ve been part of a team at Icelab that built large, complex, heavily-visited web applications for universities, museums, think-tanks, and online stores (among others), and have also worked directly with a number of clients of my own.

This is a small sample of the projects I’ve been involved in and the part I played in bringing them to life.

Museum of Australian Democracy

Implementing global, multi-site search, and improving application security and reliability for Australia's museum of social and political history.

United States Studies Centre

Building a bespoke publishing platform for the research centre based at the University of Sydney.

Pursuit for the University of Melbourne

Crafting weekly analytics reports to provide editors and authors with insight as to the performance of their articles published on the platform.

The Wheeler Centre

Implementing server-side tracking of events such as a user playing a podcast episode in iTunes or adding an event to their calendar, for the venue for high-profile public talks in Melbourne, Australia.

Australian Prime Ministers

Automating the ingestion and indexing of more than 45,000 historical records from 16 member organisations, and making these searchable by users of the canonical resource for information on Australia's prime ministers.


Providing ongoing application and server maintenance support, and developing a standalone app for serving myDr's health and nutrition-related content to their licenced users.

Independent projects

In addition to my work as part of the Icelab team, I’ve also worked directly with a number of clients of my own.

Social Pinpoint

Performing ongoing maintenance and new feature development for Australia's leading community engagement platform.